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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Been Working on Rasing Chickens

A few months ago my boyfriend and I were talking about when/if we move in together and where we wish we could live. During the conversation I said to him "Ooh find out if we can have chickens", and he just kind of looked at me. A few days later he started looking into having chickens and told me he'd been wanting them as well. So since then we've been working on this.

So we started out building the pen area from an old dog pen. And, of course, cleaning the area.

Got the shelving out.

Got the big debris out.

All clean, time to move the pen.

Spot where the pen is going to go.

Door Frame on the pen.

The chicks arrived!! They are so adorable!!

Chicks in their little brooder box while we work on the pen.

They're in this while we clean the brooder box.

Working on the door.

Door on the pen now.

Chicken wire added to the pen and door.

Chick's first time in the pen for a bit. They won't be staying in it until 6 weeks or so.

They've started getting on top of the water and foo.

Adding dirt mounds to the sides to help deter other animals.

Next visit to their soon to be home. They've gotten bigger!!

Coop frame.

Look how big! They are a little over a month old and already the wings are getting them to unknown places!

Coop done! Just to put on finishing touches like vents.

Now the chickens are home.

It took about a month and a half to finish the coop. In actual hours I'd say maybe a couple days but who has time to only do this. I helped with what little he would let me do and we are going to be expanding it a bit over time. We started with 12 baby chicks and still have 12 chickens. They aren't laying yet, but they're happy and healthy!! He already saved them from a couple snakes.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Job News

So I recently started a job as a floor cleaner at a local grocery store.  During work, I found this. I believe this is a cherry seed. And I think that is just nasty. I'm not even worried about the part about someone walking around eating it. I've seen people sample the produce before in lots of stores and don't think it's considered bad. Not sure. My issue is that someone was nasty enough to spit the seeds out on the floor. This wasn't the only one I found either. They were around every few isles. I get that it's my job to clean these floors, but this is just... eww.  There are trash cans in the stores. This promotes bugs and sometimes that little bit of pulp on the seeds will have maggots.

My Realization

I started this post in May 2018

I am thinking a lot today. I saw my counselor. Told her some of my feelings. She actually validated some of them rather than telling me I was wrong. She has been trying to help me use my "wise mind" more than m emotional mind to make decisions. When I open up about some of the things in my past she has told me I actually handled them well.

The fact that I raise my voice may not be good, but what I actually say isn't usually wrong. Yes I've been unable to prevent some things from happening and, although there are people that like to throw it in my face, I am human. What she keeps reiterating to me is that I am responsible for how I handle things, not how others view my way of handling them or how others react to my emotions. She's right. I need to keep myself in control and not let others influence my behavior as much.

I am realizing what I want. I want to work, but not so much that I am not being there for my family. I want to raise my own children. I don't like relying on others at all. I want to make enough to pay my bills and have what is needed without sacrificing my children's time. I don't need to go on expensive getaways. I just need enough to pay bills, get what we need, and have money to take them somewhere fun now and then that's not expensive.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Family Death #4 Since 2012

On Sunday, June 24th, 2018 at 3:09pm EST SFC Manuel A Rios (1963 to 1986), passed away. He served in Vietnam (2nd Battalion, 28th Regiment, 1st Infantry Division)

He was not a perfect person. But he did take care of his family in what I assume was the way he thought best. For some of us it worked, and for others it did not. He also worked very hard until he could no longer do so because of health reasons. 

He married Frances T Manno in 1969 while she was with child and gave that child his name. With her, he had 5 additional children. At his time of death four are still living. He has also had more than 10 grandchildren. 

He took care of his wife until her death in 2012, with some assistance from his children during her last few years. After her death, his health visibly and rapidly declined. In the end, his body was no longer utilizing the nutrients from food or liquids and he had Dementia. My source for this information is my older brother, who was taking care of him.

I cried like a baby when I saw the text from my brother that my father was dead. I won't even hide that. I care about my family, even the ones I don't speak to. I hope that he has the peace in death that he couldn't have in life.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fixing the Past

I am working on fixing some of my mistakes...monetarily anyway. 

I should have been paying child support for my oldest child for the last 6 years. I haven't paid since my mother died. In all honesty, it was because I've been pretty much a bum. My mom was paying it for me before she died. Her words were that she'd have to pay for in-home care anyway so would help me by paying that for me. I didn't work outside the home mostly during that time because I was trying to be there for her while she was very ill. After she died, I haven't held a job for any considerable amount of time and have been generally unhappy. Well, I have now figured out that the bill can rack up easily. In Florida, where the order was placed, a non-working individual has to pay as if they are working 40 hours a week at minimum wage. The actual amount is figured out through some formula between that and the amount the custodial parent makes, in my case it was minus the fact that I had three other children I had and take care of. That came out to roughly 150 a month in the end. I do know I should have been helping with my son's expenses. I'm not the least bit angry about it and admit I messed up. So I have now started a very part time job that I am going to try to keep with my seasonal job and should be able to start catching up. I'm still going through depression but am learning to cope with it with my counselor. What little I have been able to earn back at the end of the year's taxes when I have worked has gone to the department of education for the last few years for my failed attempt at a career degree. 

I owe the dept of ed around 25 grand I think still. I let it default and they've been taking my tax returns. I'm probably going to leave it like that for now so I can take care of the more important task of Child Support arrears and current payment.

I still have to maintain the household for my in-home children of course. It's not easy, but I've been mostly doing that part. Just hope I can keep up with 2 jobs and everything else.

After I left FL I moved to NY and started dating a guy with his own kids. For the most part I stayed home to take care of all our kids. His two and my three. I worked a little but not much. Then we left there and moved to NC near his family. We both went after jobs and I got one first so he stayed home with the kids, playing video games, and doing a little to make money from home. Then I found a job I liked better from home but couldn't handle that one because it was customer service and I just couldn't handle the stress. So he found a job. Then stuff happened and I left him. There's most likely a post to do with that. I've been seeing a counselor since then. 

My father is dying. Not sure if I said that in a previous post. He is in hospice for now but if he lasts 10+ days he will be sent home according to what my brother told me. He's been taking care of our dad. I have mixed feelings about him dying. I'm sad and yes I cry my eyes out...but at the same time I almost feel he deserves the pain he's been going through. Anyone that's got a problem with me saying that can get over it. I'll deal with my thoughts on judgment day. Yes he is my father and raised me with my mother...that's why I feel sadness. I have a right to any other feeling I have.

I've been told there are some money type accusations made towards me and am waiting until my dad is gone out of respect before I tell those people to prove it in court or shut their mouths. What is possibly being said about me is something that would have a paper trail if their accusations were correct. They're not though, so this will be interesting.

My life is a train-wreck so far and I'm hoping to get it back on the tracks and in working order.